Choose a Cutting-Edge Inspection Service

Choose a Cutting-Edge Inspection Service

Schedule a thermography inspection in Guthrie, Oklahoma

Do you want to know the full story about a residential or commercial property? Schedule a thermography inspection from The Inspection Connection. Using cutting-edge infrared imaging, our inspectors will uncover information that’s invisible to the naked eye.

Within 24 hours of our inspection, we’ll provide you with a completed report, including full-color photographs. Call The Inspection Connection at 405-227-5030 to request a thermal camera inspection.

Is something lurking behind the walls?

By means of thermography inspection, The Inspection Connection can reveal problems hidden behind the walls of a residential or commercial property. You won’t find a more detailed property inspection option in Guthrie, Oklahoma or the surrounding area. Our inspectors know how to detect:

  • HVAC leaks
  • Moisture intrusion problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Energy loss

The Inspection Connection can perform full termite inspection & treatments, too. Schedule a thermal inspection today.